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Is fluoride an important nutrient for early pregnancy?
Natural sources of fluoride

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Link to order salmon.

Here is probably the single best food for early pregnancy. Canned salmon has so many good things that people need in pregnancy - things like calcium and omega 3 fatty acids - that the fluoride is almost an after thought. I'll give a link to this fine product, but there is no link back so you'll have to use your back button. The tastiest salmon by far is the red sockeye. (The fluoride is mostly in the bones of canned fish. The bones are softened so you can eat them for all the good nutrition. Same with the skin.)

Other good sources of fluoride are "rough-tough" plants - lots of greens like spinach will give you a fair amount. Tea is an easy way to get fluoride from plant leaves - the fluoride dissolves out of the leaves.

Water as a source of fluoride