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Is fluoride an important nutrient for early pregnancy?
Water as a source of fluoride

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A glass of fluoridated water has about .25 mg F. If you drink a fair amount of tap water, it should be close to enough. (Call your water or health department to see if the water is fluoridated. If they say something like yes, to 1 ppm, you're fine.)
If you don't have fluoridated water, there is a half-baked option. This way is so conservative it is almost counter-productive. (If your drinking water is fluoridated, you would actually cut your fluoride in half if you substitute this product for tap water.) This water has about .5 mg F in a quart which is maybe enough. This water is not really designed for a 150 pound adult woman. It is perfect for a 7 pound newborn baby who is bottle fed powdered formula, and therefore gets all of his or her fluid from this water.

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