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Is fluoride an important nutrient for early pregnancy?
Come together

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This drawing shows 2 things, how the two ripples come together, and how the layer that is growing below the enamel, the dentin, affects the enamel. The dentin is the dominant tissue. Its spark is the source of the enamel spark. As it moves it drags the enamel spark along with it, sort of like using one magnet to pull another from under a sheet of glass. As the sparks are moving towards their meeting in the middle, the active cells are secreting matrix (E for enamel, D for dentin) and moving away from the membrane between the two tissues (the DEJ, or dento-enamel junction).
(If you want to compare this to general biology, the dentin is the mesenchyme tissue, and where it meets the enamel is the basement membrane.)

Optimum meeting