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Infant fluoride and the OptiDoseŽ dropper - by Ray Grogan


This site is about teeth. You, as a parent or doctor helping parents, have a big influence on how teeth grow. The most important thing that you have control over is how much fluoride the child gets as his or her teeth are growing.

This picture shows a new set of permanent teeth just coming in. This is pretty close to what I consider ideal and what I will try to give you a recipe for.

I am just a regular parent who got very interested in fluoride. Most of the ideas on this site are from the people I consider the best in the field: "The doctors Glenn" are a husband and wife team. Frances B. Glenn, DDS and W. Darby Glenn, MD are experts in prenatal fluoride. The expert in childhood fluoride is a pediatrician, Tom C. Peebles, MD.

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Basics of too much and too little

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