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Regular orders for parents | Free for info orders | Free via your pediatrician

There are 3 ways parents can order an OptiDose dropper (links above). The first way will cost you $5, the other 2 are free but you have to fill in a few forms. (On these freebies we reserve the right to limit it to the 1st 10 each month.)

What you get when you order one of our OptiDose droppers:

1. A dropper (scale 5-16 pounds).

2. A label. This is a poop sheet on how to use the dropper. It is meant for a pediatrician, although it is understandable. The normal thing to do is to take everything to your pediatrician, who will prescribe the vitamin-fluoride drops.

Not every child should get extra fluoride. Some are already getting too much (like if you are using powdered formula and your water is fluoridated). Getting the perfect amount of fluoride for your newborn is the kind of thing that really is best left to an expert like your pediatrician.

(You can become an expert yourself, and we will be glad to help, but you will not be able to do it in the weeks following the birth of your baby. You will be so tired you will be lucky to just keep your regular life moving along.)

Good luck with your new baby. I would be glad to hear from you now or way into the future when you start seeing the results of being so careful now.

Thank you.

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