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Photos - First visit


Our first view of the swamp from the IGA parking lot in Haleiwa.

Since this is now the way we enter the swamp again, let's look for a few landmarks. On my browser, the big mango tree of the "island" is above the words "of the" on the first line. So to walk out there now you aim a little to the right of that, to one of our weeping willow trees that is now very visible.

You'll do fine in slippers and shorts. Your feet will get wet to about ankle deep crossing a few creeks in the grass, but it is easy enough.



The first challenge of the first day was surveying. Guy and Joe had bought the place at some kind of foreclosure auction. There was no realtor, open house, etc. All we had was a tax map.

We set out across the lo'i in the picture with a few LONG tape measures, and a compass. When we got to where we were satisfied must be the first corner, we plopped down in the deep California grass all around us. Guy had a pipe sticking into his butt! What luck. There was our corner.

We had brought 250 bald cypress seedlings to set out. Jim and Michelle hacked a few places to plant them in the deep grass and cattails. (I know you can't even see the seedling in the picture.) It soon became evident that this wasn't going to be repeated hundreds of times.

Meanwhile Guy, Joe, and Ray are trying to find the other corners. After a little exploration and pondering, Jim & Michelle decided plant in the much more mellow hono hono grass areas nearer the land side of the property.

This turned out to be a fine vision. We eventually lost pretty much all of the trees in the deep grass. Where they're standing in the picture they planted a little nursery of trees close together.

Photos - The early years 92-94