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Early pregnancy nutrients - fluoride. By Ray Grogan

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The photo is of a rice paddy in Bali, taken by my friend Isabella Gioia. Let us say that this is how we'd like to see a pregnancy going - beautifully. Every detail has been taken care of. We see the rice is getting all the nutrients and water needed. People are working to keep the system going.
Just a few months before things were a little messy. To get to that beautiful growth stage people have to know what they are doing, and have to be lucky enough to have the paddies made by previous generations. And they have to do a fair amount of work.

One of the most important and overlooked nutrients of early pregnancy is fluoride. I'm going to try to cover the main advantages of getting enough fluoride, those that will help almost every baby. These are things like having straighter teeth, higher birth weight, and better overall growth and development. Later I'll get to a new advantage - preventing birth defects - that only affects a few babies.
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Straighter teeth