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How to tell if you had ".5 mg F at birth"

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Lots of people had the "old doses" of fluoride at birth. All you had to do was
  • be born from 1961 (when the product first came out) to 1979 (when the products changed doses)
  • be born in a non-fluoridated area (about half the country)
  • have parents willing to spend a little extra money on a pediatrician
There are two main clues you can look for in your teeth to find out. The first is "mild fluorosis". That means white spots. The spots are in a very specific location. If you have white spots along the cutting edge of your front teeth (see x's in picture), you have the first clue. If you can't be sure, sometimes it helps to shine a light in from the side. If you get flashes of white it is a milder form.


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