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Infant fluoride and the OptiDoseŽ dropper - by Ray Grogan

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Ray Grogan
Prophy Research Corporation
2608 Court St.
Iowa City, IA 52245-4801 USA
(319) 321-5685 (cell)

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Occasionally I am in Hawaii catching a few waves. You can call me there at (808) 732-7476.
At either place (319) 321-5685.

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I send a few droppers to parents (I prefer to send them to pediatricians). If you would like one, please:

1.      At least write a little bit to show you understand how to use it.

2.      Ideally send me something I can use:

a.       like a picture of your newborn, or if still pregnant, of your bulging belly, with a cute sign “we want a nice smile” etc.

b.      or if you have mild fluorosis, a smile picture

c.       an article about how to take care of children’s teeth you like

d.      new research on fluoride doses you’ve found



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Infant fluoride and the OptiDose® dropper - by Ray Grogan